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Complete Knock Down Service

In house breakdown and packing

UK’s best CKD service

We offer a full and comprehensive in house CKD and container loading service. This service is particularly useful to our Malaysian customers who can benefit from reduced shipping costs and import duties.

We have many years of experience in dismantling all types and makes of vehicles and have many satisfied customers around the world.

Our experienced staff take great care in dismantling all vehicles, before packaging and loading into containers for shipment. Each stage of the process is photographically documented, nuts and bolts replaced and air and electrical systems are labelled for reassembly. Condition reports are also generated if required.


We believe we provide the best CKD service in the UK. We take meticulous care during the dismantling and loading process to ensure your trucks arrive in perfect condition and on time every time.

Great shipping prices (CKD and CIF) are always available whether you have purchased the vehicle from us or not.

Please call Jim on 01543 373 959 or 0776 457 4992 for further details and pricing.

If you would like further details about our CKD process and how it can benefit your business please email and we will be happy to help.


“It is better to say later than never. You and your people who are involved in knocking down and loading my earlier shipment of Volvo FM12 380 2 units are extremely well done."

“Knock down done professionally, well marked for all the cables, well placed the cabin on the pallets and so on. All these have saved lots of my time and have avoided unnecessary damages. Thanks again for your good job and I sincerely hope all my other shipments with your good company will go through the same hands.”

“For your information, I have never received such a diligant job, you have a much better service than any other company from UK.”


13.6m flatbed trail
2004 Scania R380 4x
2005 Scania P340 MA
2005 Volvo FM12 6x2
2006 Scania R340 4x
2007 MAN TGS400
2008 MAN 26320
2008 Mercedes 2529
2008 Mercedes Axor
2008 Scania R230 cu
2008 Scania R420
2008 Scania R420 dr
2008 Scania R480 6x
2008 Volvo FM13 tip
2009 Scania R420 4x
2010 DAF CF85 4x2
2010 MAN TGX 26480
2010 Scania curtain
2010 Scania P230
2010 Scania R400 6x
2011 BPW on drum br
2011 Scania G400 6x
2011 Scania R440
2011 Volvo FH13
2011 Volvo FH13 500
2012 DAF CF85 EURO
2012 Mercedes Axor
2012 Volvo FH13
2012 Volvo FM410 8x
2013 DAF XF105 460
2013 Montracon trai
2013 Scania R450 6x
2013 Volvo FH13 6x2
2013 Volvo FH4 EURO
2014 DAF XF
2014 DAF XF105 Spac
2014 MAN TGX 26480
2014 Renault T Rang
2014 Scania R450
2014 Scania R450 mi
2014 Volvo FM410
2015 DAF CF85 440
2015 DAF CF85 460
2015 Iveco Stralis
2015 MAN 26440
2015 Mercedes 2543
2015 Mercedes Actro
2015 Mercedes Actro
2015 Scania R450
2015 Scania R450 6x
2016 DAF CF85 44
2016 MAN TGX 26440
2016 Scania R450
2016 Scania R450 To
2016 Volvo FH4 500
2017 DAF CF85 with
2017 Iveco Stralis
2019 Scania R450
40ft sliding skelet
BPW trailer stack
DAF CF75 310 flatbe
DAF CF75 6x2
DAF CF85 460 6x2
DAF CF85 460 6x2 tr
DAF XF105 460 6x2
Flatbed trailers
John Deere 855 comp
John Deere tractor
Left Hand Drive DAF
MAN 18243 TGM
MAN box truck
Mercedes 2545
Mercedes Axor 2543
Mercedes Axor skip
Mixed stack of 5
Renault T Range
Scania P230 Curtain
Scania P270
Scania P270 manual
Scania R series cur
Scania R340 4x2 Man
Scania R400 6x2
Scania R440 6x2
Scania R450 Topline
Scania R450 Topline
Stack of 5 flatbeds
Stack of 5 tri axle
Steel tipping trail
Trailer rebuild sta
Trailer stack
Volvo double drive
Volvo FH12 Version
Volvo FH13
Volvo FH13 6x2 trac
Volvo FL250
Volvo FM 8x4 hooklo
Volvo FM12 6x2 flat
Volvo FM13 4x2